Ancona will be the first city to host the ICSA Continuing Education event on illicit trafficking and financing of jihadist terrorism. The free courses are accredited by the Ordine dei Giornalisti (the Italian Press Association) and are offered to share the results of the Fighting Terrorism on the Tobacco Road research project. Each event is designed with a capacity of up to 50 attendees. The first event is planned for 2 June 2019. For registration, journalists must monitor the official SiGEF platform, where the regional associations of Apulia, Campania, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Latium, Lombardy, Marche and Sicily will publish the final calendar, venue and other practical information. For any further information, please feel free to contact ICSA.

May 23: Fighting Terrorism in Avezzano

ICSA will be presenting Fighting Terrorism on the Tobacco Road to high school seniors in Avezzano on 23 May. Carlo De Stefano and Elettra Santori, two of the editors of the Fighting Terrorism on the Tobacco Road report, will meet students of the Benedetto Croce High School to discuss its key findings. Disseminating results is a central point of the ICSA project, which aims not only to describe facts but also to increase awareness of the threat posed by illegal traffics.


Subtitled Jihadist businesses between the Middle East, Africa and Europe, this comprehensive volume edited by Carlo De Stefano, Elettra Santori and Italo Saverio Trento summarizes the main findings of the ICSA “Fighting Terrorism on the Tobacco Road” research project.

Thirteen authors explore the criminality-terrorism nexus from a broad range of perspectives and conclude that jihadist terrorism participates – in one form or another – in every type of contraband or illegal traffic, from drugs to oil, from migrants to cultural heritage, as well as tobacco. The eight chapters apply the “follow the money” concept to different aspects of the funding of Jihadism, bringing the latest case studies to bear through extensive interviews with key players in government, law enforcement, foreign relations and journalism.

The study asks key questions such as: What are the connections between Jihadism, criminals and organized crime? How are Jihadist attacks in Europe funded through micro-criminality? And, crucially, can financial intelligence tools be used to counter the flow of illegal resources from illegal traffics to terrorism?

The 480-page Report is among the tangible results of the ICSA study funded through the PMI Impact global initiative, which supports university and think-tank projects against illegal traffics and related crimes.

Launched in Rome at the successful conference at the House of Deputies, Terrorism, Criminality And Contraband is now available from publisher Rubbettino, from Amazon and other online stores and in bookstores throughout Italy.

The free English-language summary can be downloaded here.

Terrorismo, criminalità e contrabbando. Gli affari dei jihadisti tra Medio Oriente, Africa ed Europa.

Rubbettino, Soveria Mandelli, 2019. Cm. 17 x 24, pp. 480. € 25.00. ISBN 978-88-498-5690-3